ICD-10-CM W00.1 Fall from stairs and steps due to ice and snow

(5th-digit required)

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  • Includes

    from W00
    Pedestrian on foot falling (slipping) on ice and snow
    2015 ICD-10-CM

    Excludes 1

    from W00
    Fall on (from) ice and snow involving pedestrian conveyance (V00.-)
    Fall from stairs and steps not due to ice and snow (W10.-)
    from W00-W19
    Assault involving a fall (Y01-Y02)
    Fall from animal (V80.-)
    Fall (in) (from) machinery (in operation) (W28-W31)
    Fall (in) (from) transport vehicle (V01-V99)
    Intentional self-harm involving a fall (X80-X81)
    2015 ICD-10-CM

    Excludes 2

    from W00-W19
    At risk for fall (history of fall) Z91.81
    Fall (in) (from) burning building (X00.-)
    Fall into fire (X00-X04, X08-X09)
    2015 ICD-10-CM


    from V00-Y99
    This chapter permits the classification of environmental events and circumstances as the cause of injury, and other adverse effects. Where a code from this section is applicable, it is intended that it shall be used secondary to a code from another chapter of the Classification indicating the nature of the condition. Most often, the condition will be classifiable to Chapter 19, Injury, poisoning and certain other consequences of external causes (S00-T88). Other conditions that may be stated to be due to external causes are classified in Chapters I to XVIII. For these conditions, codes from Chapter 20 should be used to provide additional information as to the cause of the condition.
    2015 ICD-10-CM

    Seventh Character Note

    from W00
    The appropriate 7th character is to be added to each code from category W00
    2015 ICD-10-CM

    Seventh Character Definition

    from W00
    A - initial encounter
    D - subsequent encounter
    S - sequela
    2015 ICD-10-CM
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