ICD-10-CM F20 Schizophrenia

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  • Includes

    from F01-F99
    Disorders of psychological development
    2015 ICD-10-CM

    Excludes 1

    from F20
    Brief psychotic disorder (F23)
    Cyclic schizophrenia (F25.0)
    Mood [affective] disorders with psychotic symptoms (F30.2, F31.2, F31.5, F31.64, F32.3, F33.3)
    Schizoaffective disorder (F25.-)
    Schizophrenic reaction NOS (F23)
    2015 ICD-10-CM

    Excludes 2

    from F20
    Schizophrenic reaction in:
    Alcoholism (F10.15-, F10.25-, F10.95-)
    Brain disease (F06.2)
    Epilepsy (F06.2)
    Psychoactive drug use (F11-F19 with .15. .25, .95)
    Schizotypal disorder (F21)
    from F01-F99
    Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified (R00-R99)
    2015 ICD-10-CM
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